Connect With Us on Discord

Important Facts

Connecting to Discord

Note: If you do not yet have a Discord account yet, please register at Discord first before attempting to connect your account.

Discord is the platform that BRT uses for voice communication in rides and races. We have two servers available, the Bolt Race Team server, restricted to members; and the BRT Eventz server, which is our public server.

The Bolt Race Team private server is used for intra-team communication, and can only be joined by completing this form. Invites are not available for the private server.

The BRT Eventz public server is available for hosting meetups, group rides, etc., where some participants are not BRT members. Anyone in this server is available to create invites.

When connecting with us on Discord, we'll automatically add you to these two servers, and set up your Discord nickname on the Bolt Race Team server. This will serve in helping members to identify each other, given that we are such a large and diverse team.

We’ll also assign category specific roles on the Bolt Race Team server, which will show as the various category colours in the user lists.

If we cannot locate your Discord email address, you will be prompted to add it later. Or you can add your Discord email address first.

Even if you’re already connected to the Bolt Race Team server, this is required for future use of the private Discord server for all members.